Emotional Mastery

How to Overcome Self-doubt

Let’s face it, every leader has that little voice in their head, the inner critic, that can be a real pain. It’s that nagging doubt that makes you question your decisions, your abilities, and sometimes

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Building a People-first Culture

Ever wondered what truly sets successful businesses apart? It’s not just about smart strategies or cutting-edge technology. The real game-changer is something far more fundamental: a people-centric culture.  In this article, Chris Wright, Founder, CEO

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Finding Your True Confidence

Historically, people often thought of confidence as being loud, outgoing, and always ready to take charge. It was about how boldly you spoke or how much you stood out in a group. But what if

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Promoting Workplace Wellness

Remember when work and life were like two separate things? Well, that’s changing. Now it’s all about blending the two. This means more than just working from home; it’s about making your job fit your

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A Guide to Burnout Recovery

A common issue many of us face is rushing and trying to do everything, a surefire path that can lead to burnout – feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed. But why do we keep pushing ourselves

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With the focus on enhancing joy, health, love and meaning in your life, my transformational approach is interdisciplinary and integrates learnings from spiritual wisdom traditions, philosophy, positive psychology, neuroscience and organizational development.

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