Ashish Kothari is an executive coach, author, consultant and founder of Happiness Squad,


Launch a happiness revolution touching a billion+ lives over the next 20 years and help them live with more joy, health, love and meaning.

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Growing your bank account and professional accolades while trading off health, relationships, and the cost of draining your well-being.
  • Growing stress, anxiety and burnout but not knowing how to overcome them.
  • Living a perfect life based on how others see you but feeling like an imposter with growing emptiness within.
  • Finding your purpose and living a life true to yourself versus what others expect of you.
  • Not being satisfied with your life but afraid to make the changes needed. 

Trust me, I have been there.

After spending the first 20 years pursuing Happiness through professional and financial success, working harder than others, exceeding their expectations and trading off self and family, I found myself at the peak of my professional and financial success. But I was not happy and satisfied with the life I had created. 

I was getting paid very well to be able to buy most luxuries I wanted for myself or my family. I had a lovely family and lived in a beautiful place. However, I had less and less time to enjoy them.

I was recognized for my expertise and constantly in demand by my clients and my colleagues. But, the work was no longer fulfilling me and was not coherent with what I cared about in my life.  

I had a lot of control in terms of being able to design my work life to be more fulfilling, more balanced and filled with growth. But, I felt stuck in place because of fear of failure.

I spent the next 5 years exploring the topic of happiness and human flourishing, reading over 450+ books, listening to 2,000 hours of lectures from thought leaders and formally taking courses in spirituality, ontological coaching, neurosciences, and psychology. I turned myself into a living laboratory, continuously experimenting with new techniques and practices. I didn’t accept anything unless it worked and made a difference in my life. I began helping my clients and colleagues using the techniques I was learning and helping them design organizations where people could operate without fear, show up fully, and deliver high performance not at the expense of wellbeing, but because of it.

Today, things have changed a lot for me as I have integrated best practices into my life. It is not as if my life no longer has stressful times or moments when I experience suffering, but I am a lot happier, healthier, satisfied, growing and living a life filled with meaning and love.

Father and

Global traveler who loves adventuring with his 12 year old son, Ashwin and wife, Lizzie in Boulder Colorado; Has visited 25+ countries in his lifetime

Deep passion and expertise in human thriving

Secular and interdisciplinary approach integrating wisdom and best practices from 450+ books spanning science and spirituality


Former Partner within Leadership practice at McKinsey where he co-led Centered Leadership and Re-energizing organizations programs; ICF Certified Ontological coach

Business advisor and organization transformation expert

25+ years consulting experience helping 1000s of leaders succeed; Chemical Engineer; Chicago Booth MBA with specialization in organization behavior