Happiness Squad


Is an inner game

A journey from within to combat stress and live your best life.

We live In a World of Abundance and Prosperity.

Today’s technology brings us closer and keeps us more connected than ever before, while advances in modern medicine help to protect and heal us. And yet, so many of us trudge through life feeling heavy, empty, alone and stressed out.

Unfortunately, our brains are maladapted to our highly volatile and uncertain times. In the face of accelerating change, we find ourselves chronically anxious, triggered by even the smallest stresses.

I invite you to learn more about 9 scientifically proven and secular practices that have the power to rewire our brains for happiness. This will allow you to truly thrive rather than just survive in the modern world.

Here you can find out how to integrate these practices into your life through my upcoming book Hardwired For Happiness, the Happiness Squad blog, and by joining our Happiness Squad community.

Happiness Squad

At Happiness Squad, we have the overarching purpose of catalyzing human flourishing to unlock full potential (at individual, team, company and community level). Help us start the Happiness revolution by joining the Happiness Squad community and getting access to the book Hardwired to Happiness.

Hardwired for Happiness distills cutting-edge research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom traditions into 9 proven practices that can rewire your brain to seek happiness instead of fear.

Begin your own Hardwired for Happiness transformation today by learning to master your inner world and live with more joy, wellbeing, meaning, and love.

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Our Core Values




Self Mastery:

Know yourself


Live into your why


Be in the here and now


Appreciate the good in everything


For self and others

Ashish Kothari

My purpose in life is to help individuals, organizations and communities thrive and achieve their full potential through unlocking the power of happiness.

With the focus on enhancing joy, health, love and meaning in your life, my transformational approach is interdisciplinary and integrates learnings from spiritual wisdom traditions, philosophy, positive psychology, neuroscience and organizational development.

Prior to founding Happiness squad and writing the book “Hardwired for happiness”, I spent 25 years in consulting, including the last 17 at McKinsey and Co, a premier management consulting firm, helping thousands of clients and their organizations achieve breakthrough performance by building new mindsets and capabilities. I am a trained ontological coach and a lifelong student of human thriving.  

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