The world of work is rapidly evolving, bringing new challenges that are reshaping our professional and personal lives. We, at HAPPINESS SQUAD, understand that to stay ahead, we’re required to learn to adapt quickly and efficiently. But navigating through this maze of change can be daunting. How do we not only survive but thrive in the middle of these rapid shifts? According to Dr. Britta Bibel, Founder of Ensomatic Alliances, this is where the role of a change agent becomes not just valuable, but indispensable.

In this article we explore with Dr. Britta how embracing the role of a change agent redefines the essence of organizational success, and how it fosters flourishing in both companies and individuals.

Starting Change by Nurturing Yourself

Nurturing oneself is crucial for nurturing others. To be real change-makers, we’ve got to start within ourselves. It’s all about working on ourselves so we can be at our best, and that means weaving self-care into our daily routines. It’s not just about feeling great; it’s about keeping our balance and well-being in tact, even when work is a whirlwind.

By looking after ourselves, we’re in a better place to make a real difference. And let’s face it, when we’re in a good place, we’re more ready and able to help our organizations flourish. So, nurturing ourselves isn’t just good for us; it sets the stage for us to play a key role in our organization’s success.

Investing in Individual Well-being and Organizational Flourishing

It’s not enough that you nurture yourself. You need to be in an organization that nurtures you too! Ever wonder how top organizations outperform the others? The secret is simple: they invest in the well-being of their people and their flourishing. According to Dr. Britta, these companies stand out because these organizations don’t just focus on the profit, they align their company goals with motivating purposes. They strongly believe that well-being should not be seen as a separate entity but integrated into the core functioning of an organization.

Putting money and effort into employee well-being and satisfaction isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s smart business. In fact, in our recent podcast episode with Professor Alex Edmans, he highlighted that higher employee satisfaction leads to 2 to 3.5% incremental shareholder returns over 10 years. Organizations that get this and act on it are setting themselves up for a win. They’re creating a place where people are happy and healthy, and that’s a tough act for competitors to follow.

Investing in individual well-being and organizational flourishing is just one piece of the puzzle. The real game-changers in this process are the ‘change agents’ within these organizations. These are the individuals who embody and drive the transformation towards a healthier, more productive workplace culture.

The Role of Change Agents

At the core of every flourishing organization, you’ll find change agents – these are the people who really make things happen. As per Dr. Britta, every one of us can be change agents. Change agents have a clear sense of purpose and they know who they want to be and how they want to be of great service in the world. They’re the kind of people who stay focused on what matters, and they’ve got this knack for balancing their own needs with their drive to succeed. 

It’s crucially important for change agents to be self-aware, to set clear intentions, and to look after their overall well-being. This is what we’re all about at HAPPINESS SQUAD, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the whole organization by cultivating our inner world first. Change agents help transform the whole culture of the place. They’re the ones leading the charge, making the workplace not just more successful, but a happier and healthier place for everyone.


As Ashish mentions, real transformation takes time, but with our small actions, we can make the biggest wave of positive change. As we conclude, remember that each one of us can be a change agent. By embracing the practices and mindsets discussed, we can transform not only our organizations but also our lives. Let’s commit to being the change we wish to see, starting today. Join us at HAPPINESS SQUAD in this transformative journey.

Dr. Britta Bibel is a relentless Human Change-maker, a certified High-Performance Coach, life-long dancer, and a mentor who’s on a mission to make transformation truly possible and accepted as a productive and sustained way of being radically human. 

Learn more about Dr. Britta at her website and LinkedIn.

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