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At Happiness Squad, it is our mission to enable a billion people to live happier and healthier lives filled with more love and meaning. We strive to achieve our mission by supporting individuals and organizations to build habits around the 9 practices that are proven to rewire our brains for Happiness versus our evolutionary wiring for Fear. By integrating these practices into how they work and live daily, we can support them in unlocking their best selves as they master their inner worlds and elevating their consciousness (Knowing, Doing, Being)

We have developed tailored offerings for supporting both individuals and organizations who are excited to embark on this journey to be happier and create cultures that enable human flourishing.




Learn & Chose the 6-9 Micro-Practices that  work best for you:
  • Pace Yourself : Every two weeks, unlock one of 26 scientifically proven micro-practices. Each can then be integrated into your day within 5 mins to form habits that allow happiness to ensue from within you.
  • Short Video Sessions: Brief and insightful videos will gently guide you through the 26 proven practices. Each micro-practice has 3 videos, all viewed within 10 - 20 minutes.
  • A Written Breakdown: Each day, leverage the Written Guide that explains the background, application, benefits of the micro-practice and provides spaces to log your reflections.
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Create a self-authored wholesome journey for 2nd half of your life shifting from chasing wealth at expense of health, love or meaning to creating wealth through pursuing meaning, while balancing health and love

  • 6-month hybrid journey with 25-30 peers to create space in your busy life, step off the treadmill into nature to let your inner wisdom emerge as a guide
  • Two 3-4 day in person retreats and four 2-3 hours virtual facilitated workshops
  • Six 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions 
  • Ongoing small group discussions in peer boards of 4-6 people 
  • Rich community based platform to enable exchanging ideas with other students
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Keynote Talks & Targeted Workshops

Create awareness and targeted capabilities on the art and science of human flourishing through keynote speeches, single and multi-day workshops to unlock the full potential of individuals, teams and your organization  


  • In person or virtual keynote speeches on Hardwired for Happiness practices
  • Team effectiveness workshops anchored on Hardwired for happiness principles
  • Half day capability building workshops on one or more of the individual or organizational hardwiring for happiness practices. Examples include: 
    • Infuse meaning at all levels
    • Increase trust, belonging and psychological safety
    • Learn how to overcome resentment, resignation and fear
    • Improve well-being at individual and team levels  
    • Emotional mastery  
    • Improve decision making efficiency and effectiveness 
    • Having constructive conflicts and giving effective feedback
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Organizational Transformation

Today, most executive teams are faced with the impossible task of delivering targets that are higher than ever—and this, against operating conditions that are also harder than ever. What’s more, an increasingly growing number of employees are exhausted, stressed, and burnt out, which has created an incredibly tough-to-navigate environment across the board. 

We partner with our clients to design at scale culture transformation programs, creating and integrating heath initiatives into their performance goals to achieve their full potential  

  • 4-6 week diagnostic assessment of the current state of flourishing including review of existing data, interviews/survey and workshop aimed at sense making and insight generation
  •  Design a tailored, integrated roadmap comprised of capability building sessions, coaching interventions and data driven dashboards to evaluate progress 
  • 9-month digital on-demand class with a weekly lesson introducing one of 36 micro-practices (4 per practice) that can be completed in 5 minutes or less
  • Four to five 6-week sprints to enable people leaders to engage their teams on increasing awareness, infusing meaning, unleashing well-being, creating belonging and mastering emotions
  • Bi-weekly discussions on integrated performance and health goals at team level

Begin your own Hardwired for Happiness transformation today by learning to master your inner world and live with more joy, well-being, meaning, and love.

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Begin your own "Hardwired for Happiness" transformation today by learning to master your inner world and live with more joy, well-being, meaning and love.

Ashish Kothari

My purpose in life is to help individuals, organizations, and communities thrive and achieve their full potential through unlocking the power of happiness.

With the focus on enhancing joy, health, love, and meaning in your life, my transformational approach is interdisciplinary and integrates learnings from spiritual wisdom traditions, philosophy, positive psychology, neuroscience, and organizational development.

Prior to founding Happiness Squad and writing the book Hardwired for Happiness, I spent 25 years in consulting, including the last 17 at McKinsey & Company, a premier management consulting firm, helping thousands of clients and their organizations achieve breakthrough performance by building new mindsets and capabilities. I am a trained Ontological Coach and a lifelong student of human thriving.

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Join our mission to touch a billion+ lives to help live with more joy, health, love and meaning.

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Get ready to experience the 9 Hardwired for Happiness practices to unlock your full potential.



Get ready to experience the 9 Hardwired for Happiness practices to unlock your full potential.