Teaching Happiness: Unlock Habit Formation

Today, we live in an extremely connected world where people have the means to share their lives with whomever they choose. But sadly, most experience loneliness because they may feel unsure or uncomfortable to express their authentic self. It is why we do what we do here at HAPPINESS SQUAD – to spread awareness on how happiness is human performance and how it can be learned and integrated daily through habits.

But, we’re neither taught the science of happiness nor the benefits of forming habits at school, university or at work. Until now.

Ashish and I were pleased to discuss this Jackson Kerchis, a happiness nerd who established a happiness course at the University of Alabama, during our Happiness Squad Podcast. We discussed how Jackson discovered the value of the science of happiness and how he encouraged parents, faculty, and course members to appreciate how happiness can enhance human performance as a means, not the end.

We discussed this across three areas:

  • Philosophy of Happiness
  • Teaching Happiness
  • Biggest Obstacle to Happiness

“Loneliness is one of the biggest epidemics of our times, where people are more connected, but more lonely because they never really feel comfortable showing their authentic self.”

Ashish Kothari

Philosophy of Happiness

Much like Jackson, I’ve always viewed happiness not as a fleeting emotion but as a harmonious state that emerges when various aspects of one’s life align. It’s akin to a puzzle, where each piece, whether it’s our mental, physical, or spiritual well-being, plays a crucial role. When these pieces fit together seamlessly, the beautiful picture of holistic happiness emerges. This perspective challenges the often superficial societal benchmarks of happiness and urges us to seek a deeper, more enduring sense of contentment.

Within our 9 “Hardwired for Happiness” practices, Jackson’s favorite was intention. Intention is a foundation for happiness. It’s about managing your time effectively, like investing in a portfolio where time is the currency. Download our life dashboard tool here.

Whether it’s nurturing relationships, indulging in self-care, or practicing gratitude, it’s our intentionality that breathes life into these actions, transforming them from mere tasks to powerful happiness boosters.

Teaching Happiness

Most people, let alone kids, misconstrue happiness with outcome-based emotions. There are so many who graduate from college and land jobs they dislike – a means to an end. And it is why Jackson has dedicated his life to teaching happiness. He successfully established a happiness course at the University of Alabama, which aims to teach students habits that are going to support happiness. 

This is something far more important than any of us will ever learn in traditional courses – to design a career you love rather than a job you hate, using college as an experimentation period.

For parents, we urge you to look at what your kids are going through right now in college. Look into the curriculum of your kids and if there isn’t a program on flourishing happiness, call your college. It’s one of the most important lessons you could be imparting to your kids and is a crucial step in their education.

Biggest Obstacle to happiness

During Jackson’s interactions with several organizations, the biggest obstacle he observed is the lack of measurement and contextual understanding of the problem. By introducing tangible metrics to measure cultural and emotional well-being, organizations can foster a more positive, productive, and, importantly, happy work environment. 

After all, happiness isn’t just an individual pursuit; it’s a collective endeavor that has profound implications for organizational success. At the HAPPINESS SQUAD, we strongly believe that  if you truly care about human performance and want your human assets at their best, measure them at least once a month.  


In today’s world, where we are the most technologically advanced and connected generation, we often feel alone. The insights from Jackson and the goals of the HAPPINESS SQUAD remind us of something important: real happiness is about more than just moments—it’s a journey we take together. As we go through life, it’s key to be aware of our emotions and  feelings, build real friendships and community, and understand that true joy comes from deep within. We may not have been taught habits to integrate happiness into our lives, but it is never too late. All it takes are the right micro practices and a few minutes a day – not to do different things, rather do things we already do differently. With intention.

Yes, “happiness” needs to be learnt! Happiness can be taught. Habits can be formed. This is where we come in.

Jackson Kerchis is the co-founder of Happiness Means Business. HMB offers talks, trainings, and transformations at the intersection of happiness and work. He is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and events. He designs and facilitates leadership development trainings. He also leads cultural transformations. He has worked closely with leaders in the following verticals: military/first responders, transportation, sales, and healthcare.. 

Learn more about Jackson at his website and LinkedIn.

Listen to the podcast with Ashish, Anil and Jackson below.

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