Embracing an Agile Mindset

In our ever-evolving world, challenges and complexities are often unpredictable and require quick, innovative responses. But how do we adapt and remain resilient through these challenging situations? With an agile mindset, we’re not just reacting to change; we’re proactively embracing it, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. In this article, we explore with Johanne Lavoie, […]

Intentional Living: Finding Meaning and Inner Growth from Grief

Grief has a way of pausing our life, making us reflect on what truly matters. But we can use this difficult time as an opportunity for us to live more intentionally, find meaning in the situation, and choose to cultivate our inner growth and build antifragility.  On our latest episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD Podcast, […]

Transforming Organizations Through Change Agents

The world of work is rapidly evolving, bringing new challenges that are reshaping our professional and personal lives. We, at HAPPINESS SQUAD, understand that to stay ahead, we’re required to learn to adapt quickly and efficiently. But navigating through this maze of change can be daunting. How do we not only survive but thrive in […]

“Inclusify”: The Key to Unlocking True Workplace Inclusivity

In every one of us, there’s a little tug-of-war between our desire to stand out and to fit in. A lot of times, organizations either make everyone blend in so much that nobody stands out, or they’re all about celebrating what makes each person different, but then nobody feels like they’re on the same page.  […]

The Power of Purpose-driven Organizations with Ashish Kothari and Alex Edmans

The Power of Purpose-driven Organizations with Ashish Kothari and Alex Edmans

What if the key to truly boosting your profits was to shift your focus away from money? It might sound counterintuitive, but organizations that are fueled by a genuine purpose and a real reason for being, tend to outperform others in the long haul. In this episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD podcast, Ashish’s guest is […]

Unlocking Your Inner Hero

In today’s whirlwind of tech upgrades and social media buzz, it’s easy to equate the latest gadget or a flood of social media ‘likes’ with success. But does that truly define success or flourishing? At HAPPINESS SQUAD, we see things differently. We’re all about unveiling the best version of you! And guess what? Brian Johnson, […]

Teaching Happiness: Unlock Habit Formation

Today, we live in an extremely connected world where people have the means to share their lives with whomever they choose. But sadly, most experience loneliness because they may feel unsure or uncomfortable to express their authentic self. It is why we do what we do here at HAPPINESS SQUAD – to spread awareness on […]

Leadership Development Through Music

We, as humans, are very good at holding on to the past. It’s like a song on repeat that just wouldn’t go away. And these could be thoughts, beliefs, or habits that might be holding us back. These patterns can get in your way, influencing your leadership and your life. Ready to change the tune […]

Unlocking Awe: Embrace Everyday Marvels

Unlocking Awe

Ah, there’s something wonderful about the power of awe, isn’t there? Imagine tapping into a rush of wonderment and respect for something astonishing that takes your breath away. A beautiful sunset, the grandeur of a tall mountain range, or even intricate designs found in nature (I took the photo above on my run this morning!) […]

Unlock Your Inner Author: Craft Your Personal Narrative

Imagine authoring your own life story. Sounds powerful, right? That’s because understanding and consciously shaping our narratives is a significant step towards self-awareness and personal growth. Self-reflection allows us to delve deeper into our own stories, uncovering insights that can guide us to lead more fulfilling lives. The impact of this process can be felt […]