Unlocking Your Inner Hero

In today’s whirlwind of tech upgrades and social media buzz, it’s easy to equate the latest gadget or a flood of social media ‘likes’ with success. But does that truly define success or flourishing? At HAPPINESS SQUAD, we see things differently. We’re all about unveiling the best version of you! And guess what? Brian Johnson, the Founder of Heroic, is on the same page.

In our latest episode at HAPPINESS SQUAD podcast, Brian, Ashish, and I explored the meaning of happiness and flourishing from a ‘eudaimonic’ lens. We also delved into the power of ‘antifragile confidence’, and the practices that truly unlock the hero within you. Let’s delve into this across 4 key areas:

  • Redefining Happiness from a ‘Eudaimonic’ Lens
  • 7 Objectives to Unlock Your Best Self
  • Harnessing the Power of Antifragile Confidence
  • Investing in True Self-improvement

Redefining happiness from a ‘eudaimonic lens’

Truth is, many of us find it hard to define the meaning of happiness, that’s why we often tie it to external validations. But instead of chasing what everyone else says is “happiness,” Brian talks about this cool Greek idea called “eudaimonia.” It’s not just about fleeting joy; it’s about thriving and tapping into your deepest potential, meaning and purpose, ultimately unlocking your inner hero!

So, while many of us get caught up in likes, followers, or the next big thing, we at HAPPINESS SQUAD are all about being real, being you, and making the most of what you’ve got. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. Yet, with the right mindset and actions, we can all get closer to that genuine, fulfilling life. The good news? Brian shares 7 key steps to help us discover and embrace our best selves.

7 Objectives to Unlock Your Best Self

Brian emphasizes that every one of us has the potential to be a hero in our own story. It’s not about grand gestures but about consistently showing up with wisdom, love, and courage. The key to unlocking your inner hero lies in embracing your true self, and it’s just 7 steps away!

  1. Activate your heroic potential Start by knowing your ‘ultimate game’ or your true mission. Without a clear vision, it’s easy to get sidetracked by distractions.
  2. Forge antifragile confidence In our unpredictable world, mere resilience isn’t enough. Aim to be ‘antifragile,’ evolving and strengthening with each hurdle.
  3. Know Your Big Three –  Personal development can be overwhelming. Simplify it by focusing on three core areas: energy, work, and love.
  4. Make Today a Masterpiece Move beyond mere ideas or plans. Commit to daily actions that inch you closer to your goals.
  5. Master Yourself Prioritize self-discipline. The path to mastering yourself demands dedication and self-awareness.
  6. Dominate the Fundamentals – Mastering your most basic habits, like eating right, moving regularly, and getting quality sleep, pave the way for bigger achievements.
  7. Activate Your Superpower – Unleash your unique inner strength, truth, and love to leave a meaningful mark to the world.

Harnessing the Power of Antifragile Confidence

Among all the key objectives mentioned above, forging antifragile confidence stands out for Brian. Have you ever felt like life’s curveballs are knocking you down? Imagine this: You’re a candle in the wind, but instead of being extinguished, you’re fueled by the challenges life throws your way. That’s the essence of anti-fragile confidence, and it’s a game we can all learn to play.

Antifragile confidence is more than just bouncing back; it’s about growing stronger with every challenge. The concept was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book, Antifragile, and in technical papers. When life gets tough, don’t just endure—thrive. Commit even more to your daily habits, routines, and most importantly to your goals. To cultivate antifragile confidence, you need to trust yourself intensely. The secret is keeping your promises, especially to yourself. Whether it’s a meditation session, a diet goal, or quality time with family, consistency is key. Stick to your word, and watch your confidence soar.

Investing in True Self-Improvement

Recognizing and understanding these practices is not enough. Truly unlocking your inner hero demands action. As Ashish highlights, we’re flooded with information and tools for growth, but they’re useless unless applied. Real change comes from taking action on what we learn.

At HAPPINESS SQUAD, we understand the importance of working on ourselves from the inside out.  If we are in our best self, we perform better in every aspect of our lives. Despite society’s massive spending on external sources of happiness like cosmetics and fashion, the investment in personal development is comparatively minimal. Investing in ourselves is where real happiness comes from. But just throwing money at self-development initiatives doesn’t mean it’s working. We’ve got to dig deep, use the right tools, and focus on what truly matters to find real joy.


As we wrap things up, our conversation with Brian at HAPPINESS SQUAD reaffirms a vital truth: true flourishing lies in understanding and aligning with our inner selves. It’s about diving deep into our core, aligning our actions with our innermost values and aspirations, and nurturing our eudaimonic well-being. Together, let’s embrace this journey of self-discovery, build antifragile confidence, and unlock the hero within. The path to true happiness and fulfillment might just be in the quiet understanding of who we are and what we stand for.

Brian Johnsons’s heroic journey is nothing short of inspiring. He founded Heroic Public Benefit Corporation. He’s a 50% philosopher and a 50% CEO, but he’s 101% committed to create a world in which over 51% of humanity is flourishing by 2051. He’s made crowdfunding history, and he’s built and sold two social platforms. As a philosopher, he’s helped millions of people from around the world, trained over 10,000 heroic coaches from over 100 countries, and created a protocol that science says changes lives. On November 14th, he’ll be launching his book, Arete Vol. 1: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

Learn more about Brian at his website and LinkedIn.

Listen to the podcast with Ashish, Anil and Brian below.

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