Happytalism: How Mindfulness Practices Redefine Success with Luis Gallardo

Success in today’s fast-paced world is often measured by material wealth and personal achievements. But what if the richest person isn’t the one with the most achievements, but the one who’s happiest? Happytalism challenges the capitalist narrative by placing joy and well-being at the center of success. Welcome back to the HAPPINESS SQUAD podcast! In […]

Conscious Self-Leadership with Indira Kennedy

We often think of leadership as leading others. Yet, there’s another style of leadership that begins with a deep dive into our own selves. This is what conscious self-leadership is all about: knowing yourself deeper to better understand how to positively influence others. So how do we lead authentically and positively impact others? In this […]

Embracing an Agile Mindset with Johanne Lavoie

Complex challenges often come without a playbook. In a world that’s rapidly evolving and increasingly becoming more complex, an agile mindset empowers us to adapt quickly, think on our feet, and embrace change as an opportunity rather than a setback. In this episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD podcast, Ashish, Anil, and Johanne Lavoie, Partner at […]

Intentional Living: Finding Meaning and Inner Growth from Grief with Nick Shaw

Dealing with grief isn’t easy. It challenges us in ways we never imagined. But sometimes, it’s in these challenging moments that we often find our true strength and purpose. It’s okay to feel the pain, because behind them are the lessons and meaning that can guide us to our stronger and more resilient self.  During […]

Transforming Organizations Through Change Agents with Dr. Britta Bibel

Change can be daunting, especially in our organizations, but it’s also an open door to endless possibilities. As the lines between our professional and personal lives blur in this fast-paced world, the need for change agents becomes more evident than ever. In this episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD Podcast, Ashish and Anil explore how embracing […]

Unlocking Your Inner Hero with Brian Johnson

In today’s tech-driven world, many equate having the newest gadget or gaining social media ‘likes’ with success.  But does that truly define success or flourishing? At HAPPINESS SQUAD, we define success as unlocking your best self, and Brian Johnson, the Founder of Heroic shares this vision.  Brian founded Heroic Public Benefit Corporation. He’s a 50% […]

The Power of Purpose-driven Organizations with Alex Edmans

Here’s a thought: What if the real secret to making more money was to focus less on the money itself? True success in organizations isn’t just about chasing profits, but about being driven by a genuine purpose. It’s about making a meaningful impact, serving a greater cause, and adding value to the world. In this […]

Teaching Happiness with Jackson Kerchis

In this episode, Ashish and Anil explores further the philosophy of happiness, and how important it is for universities to teach happiness, with Jackson Kerchis, co-founder of Happiness Means Business. Jackson established a happiness course at the University of Alabama when he was just 18. He strongly believes in meditation and dedicates his life to […]

Leadership Development Through Music with Susan Drumm

When a song doesn’t vibe with us, we skip it. But what about life’s unsettling tunes? How do we change or mute the ‘internal playlist’ that throws us off? Our next guest shares how. Meet Susan Drumm, CEO of Meritage Leadership Development, advisor, USA Today bestselling author, and leadership coach. She has personally coached billionaire […]