Rebuilding Self-Trust and Intuition by Jesse Janelle and Ashish Kothari

In our fast-paced world, many of us struggle with self-trust and tapping into our inner intuition. It’s tough to achieve personal and professional success when these crucial qualities aren’t quite working as they should. But hold on – there’s hope!  In this exciting episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD Podcast, we’ve got a solution for you. […]

Embracing Change, Creating New Realities with Ashish Kothari and Shannon Wallis

Change often seems intimidating, and the idea of transforming our lives can feel like an unattainable dream. But what if we told you that change is not just possible, but within your reach? In this new inspiring episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD Podcast, Ashish and Anil sit with Shannon Wallis, Founder of Cascade Leadership. Shannon […]

How to Overcome Self-Doubt with Jennifer McCollum

Ever feel like there’s a voice in your head doubting every decision you make as a leader? That’s your inner critic, and it’s holding you back.  This voice can be a real pain, always second-guessing you and shaking your confidence. It can spill over into how you lead your team, affecting everyone’s vibe and performance. […]

Building a People-first Culture with Chris Wright

How does a company remain resilient and successful during challenging times? How can leaders steer their companies to thrive, not just survive, during times of uncertainty and change? Complex strategies or advanced technologies can help, but there’s something more impactful that can lead any company to long-term gains. According to Chris Cright, Founder, CEO and […]

Finding Your True Confidence with Lisa Sun

True confidence is really about believing in what you’re good at and feeling sure about yourself. It’s not about trying to be perfect or fearless. Instead, it’s about knowing your own strengths and what makes you special, and facing challenges bravely by making the most of your talents.  Did you know that being confident is […]

Promoting Workplace Wellness with Dr. Steven MacGregor

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your life is spent at work? It’s a staggering amount, and yet, so often, we treat our work life as something to endure rather than enjoy. Integrating wellbeing at work isn’t just a fancy concept; it’s a necessity for a fulfilling life. In this episode […]

A Guide to Burnout Recovery with Dr. Neha Sangwan

Are you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or unproductive all at once? Chances are, you’re experiencing burnout. It’s quite a prevalent challenge in both our personal and professional realms. However, there are transformative strategies that can help you reclaim your happiness. In this episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD Podcast, Anil Ramjiani and Ashish Kothari welcome Dr. Neha […]

Happytalism: How Mindfulness Practices Redefine Success with Luis Gallardo

Success in today’s fast-paced world is often measured by material wealth and personal achievements. But what if the richest person isn’t the one with the most achievements, but the one who’s happiest? Happytalism challenges the capitalist narrative by placing joy and well-being at the center of success. Welcome back to the HAPPINESS SQUAD podcast! In […]

Conscious Self-Leadership with Indira Kennedy

We often think of leadership as leading others. Yet, there’s another style of leadership that begins with a deep dive into our own selves. This is what conscious self-leadership is all about: knowing yourself deeper to better understand how to positively influence others. So how do we lead authentically and positively impact others? In this […]

Embracing an Agile Mindset with Johanne Lavoie

Complex challenges often come without a playbook. In a world that’s rapidly evolving and increasingly becoming more complex, an agile mindset empowers us to adapt quickly, think on our feet, and embrace change as an opportunity rather than a setback. In this episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD podcast, Ashish, Anil, and Johanne Lavoie, Partner at […]