Reframe Your Career: From Mediocrity to Meaning 

What do you want to be when you grow up? When we look back, our childhood dreams can be a true source of inspiration. I wanted to be a lawyer driving a BMW 750il – not sure where I went wrong as a kid…thankfully, I course corrected! Your career shouldn’t just be about earning a […]

The Power of Vulnerability: A Path to Authenticity and Leadership

Do you see vulnerability as an ability or liability? This can be open to interpretation, and better yet, the application of vulnerability may vary as well. Some may see it as simply opening up and putting ourselves ‘out there.’ What happens next – our defenses rise up! I’m more aligned to Brene Brown’s definition: show […]

How to Find Your Ikigai 

How to Find Your Purpose

Are you truly living a purposeful life?  American analytics company, Gallup, studied this question for over 20 years and found that only 30% of the people surveyed feel that they have a purpose at work. The rest think that work is purely a way to earn money and pay the bills. These people live for […]