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Tier One: bonuses

$300 Value

Copy of the e-Book

You will receive a free e-book for your Kindle or iPad to help you read on the go.

9 Practices wallpaper for desktop, laptop and phone

Digital wallpaper for your desktop, laptop and phone of the 9 practices with short video explaining each practice.

Access to Happiness Squad Community

Exclusive access to Happiness Squad Community to support you on your journey inwards from fear to freedom and happiness.

Tier Two: bonuses

$1000 Value

Access to 3 Bonuses from Tier 1

When you purchase 3 books, you will receive all of the bonuses above. Please contact Ashish’s team for any assistance or questions in purchasing multiple copies of the book.

9 Practices Meditation Downloads

Audio downloads of 12 recorded meditation scripts (e.g. body scan, breath focus, mantra based, Tonglen) from the book to help you tune inwards and mine your intelligence.

Exclusive Access to a Special 30 min Learning Module

30 minute on-demand virtual class to learn simple tips to recharge your batteries, manage stress better and improve your well-being.