Living in Pure Awareness

In life, there will always be challenges that come our way. Most of us believe that overcoming those battles is the only way to be happy. When we are worry-free and have nothing to do but have a good time. But it’s time we flip the script. Remember that happiness can be the means to pursue any end, instead of something we pursue. We can be happy all the time if we change our mindset and how we view things. One of the best ways to achieve  this is to live in pure awareness. 

Ashish and I explored this topic in the HAPPINESS SQUAD Podcast with our special guest Professor Srikumar Rao, author of Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots. Prof. Srikumar Rao is a speaker, former business school professor and an executive coach to senior business executives who he helps find deeper meaning and engagement in their work. 

With the mission to spread joy and change people’s lives, I would like to share the concept of pure awareness and how to navigate life’s roles without losing yourself.

“Enjoy the drama (in your life), but never lose sight of the fact that it is just a drama. Do not identify with the character. Identify with the actor.”

Prof. Srikumar Rao

Escaping the “if-then” trap

The idea of chasing happiness has always been flawed, as people are always insatiable. As soon as we get what we want, we want something new. And the “wanting more” never ends. It usually leads to a very dangerous trap that Prof. Rao would like to call, the “if-then” trap – if you don’t get what you want, then you won’t be happy. 

At some point in time, we are all a victim to this, linking happiness to success, wealth, and status. As part of the HAPPINESS SQUAD, we have realized that happiness has a deep, unwavering sense of well-being, regardless of circumstances. So how do we get to this place?

The Concept of Pure Awareness

It all starts by understanding and recognizing your consciousness. We often confuse our true selves with our physical and mental states, but they both can change and degrade over time. Our awareness is who we are, and no one can take that away from us.  

Prof. Rao is also a huge advocate of this philosophy, and believes that we are not defined by the kind of life that we live. It is just a role that everyone plays, like an actor playing a character. 

At the end of the day, the key to happiness is to love your true self, beyond everything else. That is what pure awareness means. The essence of life is to maintain a detachment from the roles we play and experiences we have, and enjoying life as a wondrous dream while not losing sight of our true self. 

The Universe is Our Friend

As we navigate our daily lives, most of us believe that the universe is indifferent to us. That it is something that is continuously doing its thing, and is very random whether it helps us or not. But if you change your perspective, your life can change drastically. 

Prof. Rao highly encourages his students to reconsider that the universe is aware of us, knows we exist, and  is our friend. Just because it throws us a curve ball doesn’t mean it’s kicking us down. When we don’t get what we want, think of the universe as a caring parent or friend. It might give us what we need to grow and learn, even if it’s not what we want. 

For those of you in moments of stress and anxiety, thinking the universe is playing against you, just take that pause and give yourself the opportunity to explore and see what possibilities you might unlock and open up in your own mind.

Anil Ramjiani

If we start believing that the universe is friendly, and it is just trying to help us in every way, our life experience would be better. That shift in perspective could change our life instantly. I myself am going through this transformation journey. 

Instead of viewing the glass half empty, I’m starting to appreciate that it is half-full (or better yet, time for a refill!). Remember, every life experience, whether good or bad, has something to teach us. We just have to be open-minded to see it by learning  to cultivate space and our self awareness. 

In Conclusion

As we step into our daily lives, let’s carry the essence of ‘pure awareness’ in our hearts, remembering that beneath the roles we play, our true self remains steadfast and unchanging. We at HAPPINESS SQUAD  believe that happiness starts with you. So we invite you in this journey of exploring deeper into our true selves and exploring happiness not as a distant goal, but a means to pursue it.

For those of you in moments of stress and anxiety, thinking the universe is playing against you, just take that pause and give yourself the opportunity to explore and see what possibilities you might unlock and open up in your own mind. Anil Ramjiani

Ashish Kothari

Dr. Srikumar Rao is a speaker, former business school professor, and head of The Rao Institute, based out of New York. He is also an executive coach to senior business executives, whom he helps find deeper meaning and engagement in their work. Graduates of his workshops and leaders he has helped around the globe have transformed their lives so that they can experience abundant joy, no matter what comes their way. Dr. Rao is a TED speaker, author and creator of the pioneering course, Creativity & Personal Mastery.

Learn more about Prof Rao at his website and LinkedIn.

Listen to the podcast with Ashish, Anil and Srikumar below.

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