In this episode, Ashish and Anil delve into a mind-altering chat with Professor Srikumar Rao, Head of The Rao Institute. Prof. Srikumar Rao is a speaker, former business school professor and head of the Rao Institute based out of New York. He’s an executive coach to senior business executives who he helps find deeper meaning and engagement in their work. 

Graduates of his workshops and leaders he has helped around the globe have transformed their lives so that they can experience abundant joy, no matter what comes their way. He’s a Ted speaker, author, and creator of the pioneering course, Creativity and Personal Mastery (CPM). 

In life, there will always be challenges that will come our way. And most people overcome those battles to be happy. But it’s time we flip the script. After all, happiness can be the means to pursue any end, instead of something we pursue. One of the best ways to do this, is to live in pure awareness. 

Throughout this episode, Professor Rao, Ashish, and Anil, delve into the concept of ‘pure awareness’ – a steady, unchanging self beneath the roles we play. We at Happiness Squad echo this concept of the constant self we have that can navigate life’s journey with intrinsic happiness as the compass, not the destination.

Join us in this mind-altering chat with Professor Rao, as we peel back the layers of ‘pure awareness’. 



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