Life is a series of building blocks. What is unknown is how those blocks will emerge, and the lessons they will unlock as we journey through life and experience setbacks that may be traumatic. How do you heal and come back from that?

In today’s episode, Theresa Carpenter joins Anil and Ashish to talk about her remarkable journey of healing and growth, and how embracing vulnerability has led to personal transformation.

Theresa Carpenter is an active duty Navy Commander with 27 years of dedicated service. She has harnessed her passion for storytelling through visual mediums, sharing her life’s narrative online in a raw, authentic, and always honest format. A writer and podcaster for SOS (Stories of Service), Theresa has featured over 100 episodes highlighting ordinary people from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate exceptional service to their communities. Currently residing in the United Kingdom, she serves as the chief public affairs officer for NATO’s Maritime Command.

In this episode, Theresa will discuss overcoming challenges and breaking down the stigma surrounding emotional and mental well-being, fostering an environment for open conversations. She’ll emphasize the pivotal role of seeking help in unlocking the path to healing from traumatic experiences. Additionally, she’ll explore how embracing authenticity and vulnerability can lead to the development of more meaningful relationships and improved personal well-being.

Throughout the conversation, Theresa will also share her insights on reframing past experiences, releasing negative emotions such as resentment and anger, and offer practical strategies for finding the delicate balance between self-reliance and reaching out for support. She’ll highlight the importance of sharing personal stories as a means to destigmatize discussions about mental health and much more.

Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show: 


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