Have you ever noticed how a delicious meal can instantly lift your spirits? Food goes beyond just fueling our bodies; it nourishes our souls and strengthens connections with the people around us. But how exactly does food create happiness and deeper connections?  

In this episode of the HAPPINESS SQUAD Podcast, Ashish Kothari and Paul Cure explore the fascinating link between food, happiness, and building meaningful relationships.

Paul Cure is a Realtor with the Burgess Group | Compass and the Community Chair for the Conference on World Affairs. He is also a freelance journalist who specializes in lifestyle topics, including design, style, food, and travel. Paul is passionate about bringing together various businesses and personalities to foster community building and social engagement.

In this conversation, Ashish and Paul discuss how shared meals can enhance happiness and strengthen relationships.

Things you will learn from this episode:

Struggling to find meaningful ways to connect with loved ones? We’ve got the recipe for you! Don’t wait! Tune into this podcast now.


• Burgess Group | Compass – https://burgessgrouprealty.com/paul-cure/

• Also mentioned: The Eat-In Method by Callie Cavanaugh https://calliecavanaugh.com/program 


• Comfort Food: Exploring Our Relationship and Craving for Love and Belonging At the Table by Paul Cure

• Hardwired for Happiness: 9 Proven Practices to Overcome Stress and Live Your Best Life.https://www.amazon.com/Hardwired-Happiness-Proven-Practices-Overcome/dp/1544534655


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