In this episode, Ashish and Anil explores further the philosophy of happiness, and how important it is for universities to teach happiness, with Jackson Kerchis, co-founder of Happiness Means Business.

Jackson established a happiness course at the University of Alabama when he was just 18. He strongly believes in meditation and dedicates his life to studying and teaching happiness.

Today, we live in an extremely connected world where people have the means to share their lives with whoever they choose to. But sadly, most of them are lonely because they never really feel comfortable showing their authentic self. This is why we do what we do here at HAPPINESS SQUAD – to spread awareness on what it truly means to be happy.

Throughout this episode, Jackson shares his journey on how he created a happiness course, and the biggest obstacle in learning happiness in the corporate world. 

Dont miss this episode, as we explore why educations needs a revamp and include happiness. 



Books mentioned in the episode:

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