We all encounter mental roadblocks and negative thoughts that can leave us feeling frustrated, struggling with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, lacking self-love and self-worth. 

What if we told you there is a method that can help you overcome these challenges, remove mental and emotional roadblocks, heal from trauma, and achieve the personal and professional results that you want in a fast, painless, and sustainable way?

In this new episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, Ashish and Anil are joined by Stephanie Kwong, a subconscious rewiring coach, hypnotherapist, breathwork facilitator and host of the Rise Higher Podcast.


Stephanie is the co-founder of a set of groundbreaking, radically effective psycho-emotional and spiritual processes that can guarantee rapid integrative healing, change and transformation. She helps her clients identify and remove mental and emotional roadblocks and shows them a path to achieving the personal, professional and financial results that they want. 

In this episode, Stephanie will talk about her background and how she discovered this method, will reveal how you can convert an obstacle or a trauma into a gift and how the tools of the Rapid Rewire method can help people heal. 

Listen now to learn how you can overcome trauma, remove mental and emotional roadblocks and start living a happier life as the best version of yourself! 

What You’ll Learn in this Show:



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