On today’s episode of the The Happiness Squad, Ashish and Anil sit down to discuss Ashish’s book, ‘Hardwired for Happiness.’ Specifically, they discuss the benefits that come from developing a feeling of gratitude in your life. As the Willie Nelson quote says, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

During the episode, Ashish and Anil discuss the resonance of positive versus negative thoughts and comments, and how you can use gratitude to amplify the positive in your life.

They offer some thoughts on the amount of disillusionment that exists in the world, particularly in young people. They discuss a CDC report indicating that, in 2021, an estimated one in three teenage girls contemplated suicide.

They also explain why, when we are in the midst of doing amazing things, a small difficulty or obstacle will often appear, leaving us frustrated and disillusioned.

Join Ashish and Anil for this fascinating discussion.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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Hardwired for Happiness: 9 Proven Practices to Overcome Stress and Live Your Best Life

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