Imagine leading your company with a profound focus on the values and well-being of your employees. By nurturing a culture of engagement and prioritizing their growth, you witness remarkable results. The genuine care you invest in your workforce drives organic growth and cultivates a thriving organization. As revenues surge, your company becomes an inspiring example of the transformative power of employee-centric leadership.

In today’s episode, Anil and Ashish sit down with Patrick Criteser, the President and CEO of the Tillamook County Creamery Association, who shares his insights on leading with values and building a flourishing organization. Patrick’s impressive track record includes increasing revenue by over 50% and transforming Tillamook into one of the leading consumer food brands in the US.

During their conversation, they dive into the importance of relationships, the success of initiatives focused on amplifying core values, and the impact of organizational flourishing on productivity, growth, and innovation. Patrick also reveals his personal routines that help him stay aligned with his practices on a monthly basis.

Discover how building a strong culture rooted in genuine care and continuous development can drive business success and create a fulfilling and enriching employee experience. Learn from Patrick’s experiences and gain valuable insights into creating a human-centric, caring culture that prioritizes well-being while achieving exceptional results.

Listen now to this enlightening episode and unlock the secrets of leading with values, fostering employee flourishing, and building a thriving organization.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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