Is there a real divide between spirituality and science? Most of us tend to answer “Yes” to this question because we are used to seeing spirituality and science in conflict. 

Our guest today, Neil Markey, sees no divide between science and spirituality and he is passionate about sharing the science-backed benefits of psychedelics in conjunction with the contemplative practices that support holistic well-being.

Neil is a mathematician and the founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats. Neil was a captain in the US Army Special Operations 2nd Ranger Battalion and was deployed once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. After that, he got his MBA/MIA at Columbia University, but he suffered from depression and PTSD. This led him to alternative wellbeing practices and marked the start of a profound healing journey with mindfulness and psychedelics. 

In this new episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, Neil Markey joins Ashish and Anil to talk about how meditation and plant therapy saved his life and gave him a new purpose. 

Neil shares his origin story and the challenging experiences that led him to where he is today. Neil will also talk about psychedelics and meditation, and how they come together to help you find stillness and a deeper meaning.

Join us and learn a new way to rewire your brain from fear to happiness to unlock your full potential!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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