In today’s episode of The Happiness Squad, Ashish and Anil guide you through another daily practice you can use to lead a more purposeful life. Today’s exercise is all about mastering your emotions. We are all gifted with rich memories and vivid imaginations, but those gifts can sometimes lead to suffering and anxiety. We feel stuck in the past, reliving negative events and obsessing about how we can control our future. These worries can harden our hearts and close us off from growth and joy. Today we’ll look at ways that you can incorporate radical acceptance to open your heart and create lightness and new possibilities for your future. We’ll focus specifically on anger and resentment. We’ll each share personal stories from our past and present to illustrate the practices, and we encourage you to wait till the end, where we’ll share three tips that we can follow to achieve mastery of our anger.

Join Ashish and Anil for this fascinating discussion.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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