What happens to us in our first years of life will impact every decade that follows. Our bodies, brains, and personalities are shaped by our early experiences. That is why childhood trauma can have lasting effects on our mental and physical health, it can truly make or break us. Our coding is our makeup, and it stays with us as we grow.

But what if we told you that you have the power to re-code your own programming? As our guest today, shares with us, you have the ability to design the life you deserve through tiny but mighty steps. 

Juni Felix is the founder of Mastermind Behavior Design, a best-selling author, an international broadcaster, a radio show host and a speaker. She offers simple but inspiring solutions that work to help people design strategies for successful soul care and sustainable well-being.

In this episode, Juni shares some really deep trauma that she went through at an early age and how despite those challenges, she managed to emerge stronger, kinder and more playful. 

You will learn that repetition doesn’t create habits, but emotions do. They redesign lives in simple and fun micro practices through which you can be made new.

Junie also shares advice from the bottom of her heart that she believes can help each of us unlock our own flourishing and shine.

Listen now to discover how you can not only rewire but also recode yourself for happiness!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:




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