In today’s episode, Ashish and Anil chat with Jessica Weiss. With over 15 years of rigorous research and engaging with thousands on the subject, Jessica has emerged as a leading consultant, guiding businesses towards greater workplace satisfaction. Her extensive expertise has led her to collaborate with global giants like Coca-Cola, providing actionable, research-driven strategies for happier work environments.

Recognized as a TEDx speaker and organizational leadership maestro, Jessica’s candid, humor-infused approach has empowered companies nationwide. She’s a staunch believer that work can be a fountain of happiness and champions creating environments where employees genuinely enjoy what they do.

Throughout this episode, Jessica, Ashish, and Anil unpack actionable insights that can redefine your personal or leadership journey. Discover the transformative power of journaling, the role of workplace friendships, and even the unconventional use of poker chips in team meetings to boost engagement.

Tune in now and discover how happiness truly forms the foundation of our best human performances.

What you’ll learn in this show:



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