In today’s episode of The Happiness Squad, Ashish and Anil will guide you through another daily practice you can use to lead a more purposeful life. They conclude a three-part series on practice number seven, investing in your well-being, where they address the harmony amongst the mind, body and spirit.

Throughout the series, they have highlighted the importance of achieving harmony among the mind, body, and spirit. In the previous two episodes, they have covered body and mind. Today, they will delve into the spirit.

Ashish will provide insight into the relationship between nature and spirituality. Did you know that spending time in nature can have profound effects on our spiritual well-being? It’s true! Ashish will explain the concept of “forest bathing” and how it can help you connect with nature and find inner peace.

For those of you who are stuck in a concrete jungle, wondering how to unlock and explore the power of nature, stay tuned until the end! Ashish will provide several tips that you can easily integrate into your life starting today.

Are you ready to learn how to do less and be more? Join Anil and Ashish as they talk through how we can rewire for happiness with another important practice that you can incorporate in your everyday life. Enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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