Do you find purpose in what you do? Or are you lacking an internal orientation that leads you through your day-to-day? Well, purpose and meaning are not only critical but are also powerful motivators that allow us to unlock a commitment to something bigger than ourselves. Did you know that a company with a strong sense of purpose also has a history of strong financial performance?

So now, just imagine as an individual, what each of us can foster if we create or find purpose in what we do, what performance, and what reward we can unlock for ourselves as individuals that we can release into the world.

This is what  Ashish and Anil are going to discuss in today’s episode of the Happiness Squad podcast with their special guest, Eric Schmidt.

Eric has a master’s degree in conservation biology, and he has worked with governmental institutions such as the US National Renewable Energy Lab and various local and regional government entities focusing primarily on grassland flora and fauna, as well as large mammal wildlife management.

Early in his career, Eric decided to shift gears and entered the world of tech startups, eventually leading large scale enterprise software deployments to Fortune 500 clients including Verizon, American Airlines, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Hershey’s, Kaiser Permanente, Boeing, Intel, and more.

Today Eric is back to applying those same skills to conservation by leading Wildlife Protection Solutions, an international NGO focused on protecting endangered species and ecosystems through the practical application of technology to field settings.

In this conversation, Eric is going to explore the real value of finding meaning and purpose in what you do.

You will find out more about Eric’s background story and how he decided to pivot from the tech world back to what he always loved to do.

He will talk about his company Wildlife Protection solutions, what it does and the impact they are driving in the world.

Eric will share his definition of true happiness, will talk about how his life changed after he pivoted to doing what he loves to do, will reveal how you can overcome burnout and find the resources to make a change in your life by adding meaning and purpose and so much more,.

Listen now to learn a new way to unlock your full potential by adding purpose to your life!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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