In this new episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, Anil Ramjiani starts a series of interviews with Ashish Kothari about his book “Hardwired for Happiness: 9 Proven Practices to Overcome Stress and Live Your Best Life “.

In this series, they are going to explore each of the nine practices that can change your life for the better. 

They will begin with the first practice, and the heart of all of them: cultivating self-awareness.

Have you ever said (and felt) “I am angry”, rather than “I feel angry”? Or “I am sad” rather than “I feel sad”, and ever wondered what is the difference between the two? 

Have you ever thought of what’s the difference between making an assertion versus an assessment?

Throughout this conversation, Ashish shares personal experiences and several practices that address these and more. 

Plus, at the very end of the chat, he shares one meditation practice that will help you increase your own self-awareness.

You will learn what inspired Ashish to write his book and what happiness mean to him.

You will learn more about what awareness is and why it is considered the heart of all practices in Ashish’s book.

You will discover how self-awareness can rewire your brain from seeking fear to seeking happiness.

Ashish will share some of the science-based benefits of self-awareness, will reveal how increased self-awareness leads to better social skills, will talk about the three levels of awareness and so much more.

Join Anil and Ashish as they talk through how we can all hardwire for happiness!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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Hardwired for Happiness: 9 Proven Practices to Overcome Stress and Live Your Best Life

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