In today’s episode, Ashish and Anil continue the series designed to help you lead a more purposeful life as they explore Ashish’s book, ‘Hardwired for Happiness: 9 Proven Practices to Overcome Stress and Live Your Best Life,’ a modality that walks you through simple practices used to change your life in just a few minutes a day.

Today, they continue to explore practice number eight: building a supportive community. In part two, they delve deeper into applications for your personal and professional networks, especially in the context of remote work and the new era of connectivity.

In this episode, they discuss the critical importance of networking, both personally and professionally, in today’s rapidly changing world. Ashish and Anil share their own experiences and reflections on how building strong connections has played a pivotal role in their lives. 

They touch upon the power of open networks versus closed networks, emphasizing the value of weak ties and diverse connections and they share actionable tips for nurturing professional relationships, from leading with genuine intent to practicing generosity and active listening.

They will also talk about the Happiness Squad community and how it provides a safe space for individuals to share hopes, dreams, challenges, and ideas and so much more.

Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:


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Hardwired for Happiness: 9 Proven Practices to Overcome Stress and Live Your Best Life

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