Would you like to be the architect of your own happiness and live a wholehearted life? All experiences are learning experiences, especially those that stem from tragedies and dark places.

Anil and Ashish sit down with Brad McLain, founder of Designing Transformative Experiences and a renowned social scientist, specializing in identity development, learning, and leadership. Brad shares his own story as well as insights that can unlock the possibility of living a wholehearted life.

In this episode, he talks about the meaning of happiness and how it evolved for him over time. He delves into the concept of being the author of your own life narratives and the importance of self-actualization. 

Brad reveals the seven elements of transformative experiences according to his ELVIS model and discusses how risk and discomfort can lead to personal growth and happiness. He also explores the power of narrating our experiences and shaping our identity narratives.

Brad shares his personal transformative experiences, including the impact of an inspiring teacher and his journey through a cancer diagnosis. He highlights the significance of choice, agency, and making meaning out of challenging circumstances. The conversation uncovers the importance of vulnerability and having open conversations about living a wholehearted life.

Listen now and enjoy as Brad McLain provides practical guidance on designing transformative experiences, embracing risk, and narrating our lives to unlock our own flourishing.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:



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Designing Transformative Experiences: A Toolkit for Leaders, Trainers, Teachers, and other Experience Designers Byline : Brad McLain, PhD 

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