We all have special moments in our lives. Whether it is our wedding day or an important moment in our career, we all have these big events in our lives that we look forward to. 

We want these moments to be perfect, so we prepare ourselves thoroughly, we try to plan ahead for everything and make sure we don’t miss anything. 

Unfortunately, we tend to overcommit and by doing this we actually miss the most important thing: enjoying the whole process. And we end up tired, stressed out, anxious and sometimes even unable to savor the moment we were waiting for.

Does this sound familiar to you? When you have a big moment coming up, how much time do you actually spend savoring the moment, really enjoying the process, knowing what it’s like as you go, day to day, leading up to that big event? 

In this new episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, Ashish Kothari and Anil Ramjiani are going to talk about how you can be more, rather than do more in order to be more present in the moment and really savor these important events in your life.

They are going to talk about two important moments coming up in their lives, how they prepare for them and what gets in their way.

You will find out why overcommitting is not a good thing and how much we should actually plan ahead for an important moment in our lives.

Ashish and Anil will discuss the importance of savoring the moment and what we can do to be able to do that, how to reconcile the notion that you have to work hard to get to your goal, how to savor the small bites of life and so much more.

Listen now and get ready to learn how to savor the most important moments of your life!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:



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