Are you stuck in a job or career that doesn’t bring you joy? If that’s the case, remember that personal growth thrives outside the comfort zone. In today’s episode, Angie Callen joins Anil and Ashish to shed light on why this happens and what steps you can take to change it.

As the Founder and Principal of Career Benders, Inc., Angie helps inspire confident professionals through career coaching, job search guidance, resume writing, and employment-to-entrepreneur transitions. A former engineer, Angie specializes in working with technical professionals, high-level managers, and executives to navigate the challenges of the workforce today. Over the past five years, Career Benders has helped over 1,000 individuals across the country realize their true potential and marketability, find career satisfaction, and grow confidently.

Additionally, Angie hosts a career-focused podcast called No More Mondays, where she interviews professionals who have wisdom on breaking down career barriers and provide actionable takeaways to help take charge of your Monday Blues and beat your Sunday Scaries.

In this episode you will find out how to navigate a career crisis, discover your true purpose, and find meaning in your professional life.

Angie will share her journey from engineer in the corporate world to career coach and how she helps clients unlock their potential for career satisfaction.

You will also learn practical strategies to transition from a mindset of ‘this is happening to me’ to ‘this is happening for me’ during career challenges.

Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:



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