Have you ever thought of your organization as a living organism that stagnates when struck by acute or chronic ailments? This is when we look to leaders who can heal the organization. In today’s episode, Anil and Ashish sit down with Marieke van Voorn, author of “Healing Organizations” and a bridge builder between the visible and invisible worlds, focusing on energetic and systematic approaches to healing for individuals and organizations. 

With over 20 years of experience in sociology and change management, Marieke shares her insights on how healing leaders can bring harmony and natural order to stalled organizational processes.

Throughout the episode, Marieke will discuss the qualities of healing leaders and how they are grounded in their inner way of being. She emphasizes that these leaders are driven by humanity and inspired to unlock the flourishing and immunity of their teams. Marieke shares her personal journey of self-discovery and the transformative experiences that led her to find happiness and alignment with her true self.

Marieke explains the concept of constellation work and how it helped her discover her true self. She discusses the patterns and ailments that organizations face, and the importance of becoming aware of them in order to create positive change. Marieke also provides practical tips and practices that can unlock an organization’s health and viability, focusing on gratitude, finding meaning in experiences, and seeking support from coaches.

Listen now to this insightful episode and discover how healing leaders can transform organizations and unlock flourishing and happiness within themselves and their teams.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:




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