Picture a spectrum, with pleasing others on one end and being self-absorbed on the other. How can we strike a balance and cultivate self-love inwardly and outwardly?

In this episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, hosts Ashish and Anil delve into the concept of healthy selfishness and its role in finding true happiness. They are joined by Blake Bauer, the author of “You Are Not Born to Suffer.” Blake’s groundbreaking work has empowered thousands of individuals worldwide by emphasizing the significance of unconditional self-love for healing, fulfilling life’s purpose, and unlocking personal and professional potential.

The conversation takes listeners on a transformative journey, exploring conscious reflections on self-betrayal, anger, resentment, and the pursuit of genuine happiness. Blake shares highly effective strategies for enhancing mental, emotional, and physical well-being, drawing from his personal triumphs over suffering. One of the highlights is his secret to forgiveness, offering a path to liberation from unnecessary suffering.

You will discover how self-love nurtures a profound connection to oneself, others, and the environment. By cultivating healthy selfishness, individuals can fill their own cups and sustainably give to their loved ones, careers, and communities. The episode also explores practical habits for self-love, such as honest and kind self-expression, which enable emotional growth and enhance relationships.

Don’t miss this enriching episode as Ashish, Anil, and Blake will guide you towards self-discovery, inner healing, and the joy of living a fulfilled and purpose-driven life!


What You’ll Learn in this Show:



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