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Transform: How Meditation Unleashes Joy & Boosts Happiness

3 Tips to Embrace Mindful Living -Mindfulness

Welcome to a world where joy emerges from practicing mindfulness. If you’re ready to experience the exhilarating power of meditation and unlock a life filled with positivity and well-being, then get ready for story like no other from our Happiness Squad Podcast guest who mediates nearly 2 hours a day every day before counseling CEOs […]

Power Up Your Self-Awareness

Every morning when we wake up, we make a choice: an unconscious response from fear that drives us deeper into a dream state or a more conscious response driven from freedom to evolve into what life is asking from you. The practices that unlock this inner (r)evolution is Self-Awareness, the focus of our conversation with […]

Recode Yourself for Happiness through Tiny & Mighty Steps

We live in a world where childhood trauma can become a make or break in life by coding your make up and staying with you as you grow. What if you have the power and access to recode your programming? As our guest says, you have the ability to ‘Design the life you deserve,” through […]

Well-Being: The Key To Unlock High Performance

Do you know what F1 Drivers and F500 Leadership have in common? The importance they place on Well-Being! However, many of us chase success and financial wealth at the cost of our own well-being. We understate the critical link well-being plays in sustainable achievement & success. In Episode 12, Ashish and Anil speak with an […]

How to Prioritize Being Present With Those You Love

Community with Ashish Kothari

What is your number one priority in life?  Hundreds of my clients have said that spending time with their family is their top priority. And yet, I find that our actions often contradict that. When we spend time with our families, are we truly there? Or are we still focused on work?  Dr. Clayton Christensen […]