How to Create a Truly Flourishing Relationship by Ashish Kothari

How to Create a Truly Flourishing Relationship by Ashish Kothari

When two people come together in a relationship, they bring their unique ways of doing things, which can lead to confusion. It’s like mixing paints—sometimes you get a beautiful new color, and other times it’s a bit of a mess. But every mix-up is a chance to learn about each other and grow stronger together.  […]

The Sunflower Model Career Transition Guide with Ashish Kothari

The Sunflower Model Career Transition Guide with Ashish Kothari

What goes through your mind when you consider leaving your job for something new or when job loss forces your hand? Statistics indicate that workers will voluntarily change careers 5-7 times in a lifetime for more fulfilling roles. However, the fear and uncertainty that accompany these changes can be paralyzing.  In this article, Ashish Kothari, […]

Mastering Unpleasant Emotions – Anger


Hardships and obstacles are a part of life, and when we are faced with unpleasant emotions they can consume us. Learning to take control of our moods versus letting our moods control us can help us bounce back and emerge stronger when these obstacles occur.  Let’s take one of the most difficult emotions: anger.  The […]

How Gratitude Can Rewire Our Brains For Happiness


Brother David Steindl-Rast said, “It is not the happy that are grateful. It is the grateful that are happy.”  Why is that? Gratitude helps us overcome two core things that make us unhappy: hedonic adaptation and our brain’s wiring for fear.  Hedonic adaptation  Imagine you’re working towards a promotion, and telling yourself, “If I get […]

3 Simple Tips To Embrace Mindful Living

3 Tips to Embrace Mindful Living -Mindfulness

What percentage of time are you focused on what you are doing? Truly in the present moment.  If you are among the average, that number would be about 47%, as reported by research done by Daniel Gilbert at Harvard University.  If you’re like many of my colleagues and clients, that number might be considerably lower.  […]

How to Find Your Ikigai 

How to Find Your Purpose

Are you truly living a purposeful life?  American analytics company, Gallup, studied this question for over 20 years and found that only 30% of the people surveyed feel that they have a purpose at work. The rest think that work is purely a way to earn money and pay the bills. These people live for […]

3 Questions to Become More Self-Aware

3 Questions for More Self-Awareness

Anaïs Nin once said, “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are.” In other words, we are unique observers of the world based on our experiences, our cultures, and our emotions. We see things based on our perspective, but sometimes we don’t realize we are missing important pieces to our worldview.  […]