Unlock the Power of Authentic Networking: Tips for Personal Growth

I’ve been told my network is my net worth. I love this idea. Then I started thinking, after a point, will this conventional view of our network begin to devalue its net worth if I don’t hold the relationships with an authentic intention? We live in a world where the quantity of LinkedIn connections and […]

Shedding Armor: Healing Trauma for Authentic Leadership

Within each of us is our light, our essence.  During our formative years, we may encounter varying levels of trauma. Instinctively, we add a layer of armor to protect this light. Each experience, a new layer. Does this armor truly serve us? Understanding the profound impact of trauma in shaping our lives and behaviors is […]

Reframe Your Career: From Mediocrity to Meaning 

What do you want to be when you grow up? When we look back, our childhood dreams can be a true source of inspiration. I wanted to be a lawyer driving a BMW 750il – not sure where I went wrong as a kid…thankfully, I course corrected! Your career shouldn’t just be about earning a […]

The Power of Vulnerability: A Path to Authenticity and Leadership

Do you see vulnerability as an ability or liability? This can be open to interpretation, and better yet, the application of vulnerability may vary as well. Some may see it as simply opening up and putting ourselves ‘out there.’ What happens next – our defenses rise up! I’m more aligned to Brene Brown’s definition: show […]

Unlocking Awe: Embrace Everyday Marvels

Unlocking Awe

Ah, there’s something wonderful about the power of awe, isn’t there? Imagine tapping into a rush of wonderment and respect for something astonishing that takes your breath away. A beautiful sunset, the grandeur of a tall mountain range, or even intricate designs found in nature (I took the photo above on my run this morning!) […]

Unlock Your Inner Author: Craft Your Personal Narrative

Imagine authoring your own life story. Sounds powerful, right? That’s because understanding and consciously shaping our narratives is a significant step towards self-awareness and personal growth. Self-reflection allows us to delve deeper into our own stories, uncovering insights that can guide us to lead more fulfilling lives. The impact of this process can be felt […]

Transform the Organization: Reflect, Unravel and Grow

The health and effective management of an organization requires more than just business acumen and strategic prowess. It requires a deep understanding of people and the intricacies of human behavior.  By promoting positive transformations, personal and organizational growth, we pave a way for a leadership to unlock the productivity, flourishing and immunity across their teams. […]

Healthy Selfishness: Form, Trust & Honor Personal Commitments

How many wakeful minutes do you set aside for yourself?  We have 24 hours or 1,440 minutes in a day. Laying out our daily commitments, we think about others: CEO & company, family & friends. However, we have equally (maybe a greater), responsibility to commitments we make to ourselves. It gives us agency – the […]

Better Self, Better Performance: Daily Habits from Sunrise to Sunset

Here is a common expression, “I’m back to back today.” From sunrise to sunset, we do not give ourselves a moment to breath. By repeating this pattern day after day as part of our professional treadmill, we are creating the perfect recipe for stress, anxiety and burnout, not for optimal performance. The importance we place on our […]

3 Essential Strategies for Fostering Heart-Centered Leadership in the Workplace

In today’s world of fast growth and high output, embracing a heart-centered leadership style is powerful. It can unlock untapped potential both within individuals and organizations. Heart-centered leadership is an approach that emphasizes empathy, compassion, and authentic connection with others. It involves leading from a place of genuine care and concern for the well-being of […]